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Adoption Day

This is an extra special adoption day for us. Shane Moran was an original Caleb’s Closet board member and continues to serve on our board. Shane and his husband Adam started fostering 7 years ago and have fostered over 20 children during that time. They adopted sons Emmitt in March of 2016 and Liam in September of 2016. Today they expanded their family with the adoption of Barrett and Chase. These boys have been anxiously awaiting their official adoption day and we couldn’t be more thrilled that day has finally arrived for them. While a house of four boys may seem like enough to most of us, Shane and Adam aren’t done! They are expecting to finalize two more adoptions by the end of the year. Because of them, six amazing little boys have a permanent place to call home. Congratulations Dominguez-Moran family!

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