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Community Based Care

You may have heard that Texas is moving to a community based care model for foster care. But what does this mean for our foster community? In a state as large as Texas, different regions face different difficulties. Community based care allows each area the ability to draw on their local resources to meet the specific needs of their communities.

Lubbock is part of Region 1, along with 40 other communities in the Panhandle. Our region is managed by Saint Francis Texas which is part of Saint Francis Ministries. Our partnership with them has allowed us to reach even more foster youth, especially teenagers. They have helped us ensure each foster family in our area knows they can reach out to us for clothing and essential items. They also educate foster parents on the other resources available across the South Plains. If a need is not being met, they have the ability to reach out to see how that need can be filled.

We have grown tremendously from working with them and we can see the impact having a local organization has made on the way resources are allocated to our foster community.

If you are interested in strengthening the resources our foster community has in Region 1, we strongly recommend you follow Saint Francis to learn about more opportunities.

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