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Meet Bubba

We would like to introduce our May Child of the Month: Bubba!

This sweet boy came into our lives at 5 days old. We immediately fell in love with those big brown eyes! He was his birth mom’s 10th baby and she only had custody of the oldest, who actually lived with grandparents at the time. He was removed after testing positive for methamphetamines. Our plan with foster care was always adoption, and when we met this baby we were very hopefully this would end in an adoption.

He remained in the hospital for a few days after birth to be monitored for any drug withdrawals and none were seen. Praise the Lord. When we came home with Bubba, our lives changed forever for the good! We enjoyed the baby snuggles and smiles. His birth mom never showed up for visits with this sweet boy, though. As the weeks passed, our caseworker said that she was looking for a foster home for Bubba and his teenage sister to be placed together. Over the next few months, we never knew if we would get the call that they are coming to get Bubba. That definitely was the most stressful time during our journey with Bubba. Once we were told that CPS did not have any luck finding a home to take a teenager and baby, CPS attempted to facilitate FaceTime calls between Bubba and his sister. I will never forget our first call. Bubba was only 7 months old so there was not much communication but it was a way for sister to see her brother. I think she enjoyed seeing him, but she did not continue the calls.

Nine months into our foster care journey with Bubba, parental rights were terminated. It was a bittersweet day because his mom and family were really missing out. Bubba is the sweetest and cutest boy ever! Once rights were terminated there was still the 90 day waiting period where family could intervene so even though it was headed more towards adoption nothing was for sure final yet. The next 90 days really went by quickly, but it felt like forever. On March 1, we were officially in the adoption unit! Bubba, our sweet boy, was officially adopted on April 12. The Lord definitely was with us through it all! We are so grateful that we were led to foster care and our sweet boy!

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