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Meet Christian

Introducing our June Child of the Month, Christian Broadus!

On March 23, 2017 I received a phone call asking us to take a 3-week-old baby boy. Happily, we said yes! At the first court hearing, it looked as though this sweet baby would only be with us a short time. The judge reset the hearing for a week and a half later, and though it seemed they were planning on placing C back with bio mom soon, the judge agreed to keep him in care just a bit longer. Shortly after, bio mom requested a month off from her 3 visits per week! This is when we felt little C just might be a forever babe! This break was prolonged and eventually bio mom missed over 100 visits, court hearings and settlement conferences. After 3 attempted final hearings, and a family member that had come forward only to back out again, the judge proceeded with the final and terminated rights. This was appealed and a jury trial was requested… talk about nerves! The day of the jury trial came. On my way to court I received a phone call from our lil man’s attorney – mom was willing to sign the relinquishment paperwork! Ten months later, on April 2, 2019 Christian Ryan was officially a BROADUS! From Terri, proud mother

📸 Tristan Jones

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