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Meet Eric

Meet our adorable August Child of the Month—Eric:

At 2 pm on January 17, 2017, I received a placement request for an 18 month old little boy. We were advised home studies were being completed for possible family placement and that he was currently in the burn unit and had been there 2 weeks; therefore, I’d need to pick him up from the UMC burn unit. I immediately panicked unsure of what to expect, he was only our 2nd placement. He was the most handsome, big dimpled, almost mute, barely walking little boy, and he was terrified of us!

Eric struggled with social anxiety and hid from the world—hiding under his jacket or blanket—for months. Months and months went by and his wounds, both physical and emotional, began to heal. Little steps became big steps and even bigger achievements for him. His case flopped back and forth and round and round without us knowing any outcomes. 486 days from the day we literally brought our little man home from the hospital, we added to our small army. On May 17, 2018, we adopted Eric, joyfully surrounded by many of our friends and family and his Nini (bio-grandmother). She continues to be a very active part of his life and it has been a blessing having her still standing up to support him in his new journeys.

-written by Eric’s mom Heather

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