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Meet Hailee

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We would like to introduce our March child of the month: Hailee!

Hailee was delivered to us on a Monday afternoon straight from the hospital. She was our first newborn foster child, and we were super excited! I signed the papers quickly as we were headed to one of our teen’s basketball game. Yes, I toted her in as proud and excited as could be! She was a beautiful blue-eyed baby that a dear friend of mine referred to as a porcelain doll. Hailee had two siblings that were placed with us when she was a few weeks old. We loved them through the 1st year and went through the process of them going to their forever home when Hailee was 14 months old. This was a bitter sweet feeling, wonderful for them to be together in a forever family and tearing our hearts out to say goodbye. We packed them up, hugged them for what we thought would be the last time and said our goodbyes.

A few weeks went by and the worker called us to see if we could take Hailee and her brother, Joe back. The placement was blown and they needed us once again. We didn’t hesitate to bring them home. After just 3 months the Judge ordered them to be moved to the therapeutic home that the older sibling was in. Once again we said our goodbyes and moved them. A year later, the worker called and once again asked for us to take Hailee and Joe back in. We said we would but truly believed that God didn’t keep putting them here for us to keep saying goodbye, so we filed to adopt shortly after they came home for the third time.

Hailee has been our baby for 14 years. One of the sweetest moments I treasure with Hailee is when I asked her about adopting Reyna. She had been with our family almost a year and was one year younger than Hailee. I didn’t know how Hailee felt about making her part of the family and that she would take the youngest position in our family. She and Reyna were very close. I asked her to think about it, and she began to cry. I left her alone and later asked again. Her response to me was, the tears were not because I was upset about adopting her, they were because I couldn’t imagine life without her! My heart was full. Hailee is sweet, sassy, kind and funny. She is a very talented young lady and a good student. She is involved in cheer, gymnastics, basketball, hurdles, running, pole vault and long jump. She loves her youth group and hanging out with friends. She volunteers at LAFPA and summer camp at church helping with the kids. She has been a true blessing to us, and we are looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for her. -Submitted by Connie Scarbrough

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