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Meet Jace

Our handsome February Child of the month is 3 year old Jace.

Our baby boy was put in a foster home at 3 months old. My cousin pleaded with us to take him in as a kinship placement and we honestly didn’t know if that was something we wanted to do. My 22 year old son was graduating from LCU and my 17 year old daughter was in her senior year of high school. We thought we were done raising kids. We had many discussions as a family and prayed a lot about this being right for us. We decided to put it in God’s hands and setup a home study. If we passed then this was His calling for us. Needless to say we passed and Jace joined our family at 6 months old. He’s been a blessing to us and we don’t remember life before him. He’s a very loving little boy and my goodness is he active! Unfortunately we found out that he’s going to have a rough road ahead with a few diagnosis we got last year. Despite this, he is such a smart little boy. Jace loves running, jumping on the trampoline, reading books together and Mickey Mouse. I know God gave him to us for a reason and we are going to love Jace through it.

– By Ida Waddell

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