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Meet Liam

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Meet Liam, our November Child of the Month.

Liam is 5 years old and lives with his two Daddies, his adopted brother who is six, and two foster brothers who are two and four. Our house is full of stinky boys but there is lots of love.

Liam D. came into care early in 2015. The year 2015 was wild and crazy for us and also for Liam. We became foster parents in 2014 and our first placement was also named Liam. He was 12 months old. After living in our home for almost a year, Liam B. was moved to Oklahoma to live with family members. Even though we still had Emmitt in our home, our world was turned upside down when Liam B. was moved. We fought a long and costly battle, but the Man above had a different plan for us.

About one month after Liam #1 was moved, our agency called to see if we were ready for a new placement and they told us about Liam #2. He was about 23 months at the time and had been removed because his biological Mom had made some bad decisions. She was very young and did not have a good support system. She had been arrested and left Liam with a friend of hers to take care of him. This person did not take very good care of him, and law enforcement found drugs hidden in Liam’s stroller when they made a drug bust that included this friend. He was also bruised from head to toe and they were never able to determine who had hurt him.

When our agency called about Liam, we were still grieving the loss of Liam #1. and could not even say the name Liam without reliving the pain. After discussing this and deciding that the time was not right, we called our agency to tell them we decided against taking Liam. Our decision felt right but it didn’t feel right. After a few minutes we called back and we were told that a placement had been found within our agency. We told them if anything ever happened to him and if he ever needed a home to call us. Four months later, this is exactly what happened. They needed to find a new home for Liam and called us – we instantly said yes. We had time to heal and Emmitt needed a brother. We knew that this was meant to be.

Liam was 27 months old when he became part of our family. Things moved really fast from that point. After meeting his Mom a couple times and her seeing how much we loved Liam, she decided to sign over rights so that he could have the life he deserved, a life that she could not offer. On September 30, 2016, six short months after our first adoption, we adopted Liam Dean. While Caleb’s Closet was not around when Liam was adopted, they have provided clothing and other items for Liam, as well as our other adopted son and the many other children we have fostered over the years.

-Story submitted by Shane Moran, Caleb’s Closet Treasurer. He and husband Adam have adopted two sons and have fostered 15 other children ranging in ages from 12 months – nine years over the past 4 ½ years.

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