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Meet Mackenzie

We would like to introduce you to our December Child of the Month- Mackenzie:

Roughly six years ago, we got “the call”—the call asking us to consider taking in a sweet girl that had just turned 6 years old. She needed a home, and this was her second time in care. “The final is tomorrow and chances are good she could need forever,” they said. After dealing with a couple of pretty intense teens, a sweet little girl was just what we needed and without hesitation (or calling Bucky for his opinion) I said “Absolutely! When will she be here?” This is a day I will always remember—our first semi-shy placement. She came in quietly and headed straight for her “new” room and waiting for her was a very impatient “new” sister. Caliegh played with her while I finished paperwork, and then we headed to town to get her some clothes and shoes, since she came with so little.

She requested Burger King, and we went to Old Navy where she was set free to find anything she wanted, which wound up being a purple jacket with a silver sequin star. From there we went to look for shoes, and she picked two pair of “bobs,” a pink and blue pair, and a silver pair of shoes. Mackenzie spent a little over two years in our home as a foster placement. Bio mom relinquished her rights, which is usually great right? Well it was—until we were notified that she appealed her own relinquishment. This dragged the process out for at least 6 months. We knew this girl was meant to be ours forever pretty early on. We were overjoyed when we were notified that her birth mother’s appeal had made it all the way up to the Supreme Court—and was DENIED! The relinquishment was upheld.

We officially added Mackenzie Grace Broadus on January 30, 2015. I am so glad we said yes to this precious girl! She has brought so much joy, love and sass. She is the perfect fit to our wild bunch!

-Terri Broadus, foster/adoptive parent

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