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Party of 8

Earlier this year we brought you the story of founding Caleb’s Closet board member Shane Moran and his husband Adam Dominguez’s adoption of their 3rd and 4th sons from foster care. We’re elated to share that today their family is complete! Bane and Sean officially joined this boisterous crew, thus ending their foster care journey. Both boys have been with the family for awhile, but we’re overjoyed with the stability that adoption brings for them. We’ve seen them grow so much in their time with their new family and we know they will continue to shine in the decades to come. While Shane and Adam are ending their foster care adventure, the lives they have impacted in their 7 years of fostering are immeasurable. We’re sure they will continue to serve as inspiration for so many in our community. Congratulations Moran-Dominguez family!

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